KIM Leadbeater, MP for Batley and Spen has made it one of her missions to tackle road safety in the area.

During the by-election, hundreds of residents raised awareness of the poor road safety in the area, particularly regarding speeding and parking.

Now as MP, Ms Leadbeater has called a plan of action to help with this problem.

She said: "It’s something that I do want to solve.

“When we think of it, it’s human beings driving cars and we want to ensure the safety of all those on the roads and behind the wheels."

The call to action came when a woman was run over by a speeding drive on White Lee Road.

In collaboration with the Deputy Mayor and the Police force, a strategy is being developed to help solve the issue.

Deputy Mayor, Alison Lowe is working on plan to cut all road traffic deaths in West Yorkshire.

Ms Leadbeater said: “It’s important that we tackle this issue, but we need to make sure that it’s long-lasting and not just for now.

“We have spoken to the council about getting extra funding for the under-resourced police force so that they can work later shifts which we have noticed is when these issues occur.

“We have created an app for people to report speeding or any road safety issues so that we can do something about it rather than have it on Facebook without a solution.”

The MP is working hard to get to the bottom and can’t help but highlight that though this is an important issue that she wants to help with, there are other things she would also love to do such as work with the NHS and local businesses.

Ms Leadbeater held sessions in her constituency, where people came and raised their concerns.

She repeated this to see how the problem was developing after solutions had been put in place.

“It’s about working together and seeing what we can achieve.

“We have to stay on top of it and make sure that there is accountability.

“I want to keep having these sessions so that we can see how we are doing.

Parking is one of the bigger issues in the town centre.

Previously a reader complained about the poor parking in the town centre which left her elderly grandparents having to walk because disabled parking spots had been taken up by non-blue badge holders.

“It’s not just parking in the wrong spots, it’s dangerous parking, where lives are at risk.

“I am working with local businesses to see how we can help them and tackle this problem at the same time.”

Ms Leadbeater is working with local groups across her constituency to make roads safer for everyone.