A POLICE chief says officers are being injured on a daily basis after three officers were taken to hospital after an incident in Bradford.

Three officers were injured when a car they were pursuing ‘rammed’ them in Chapel Street, Eccleshill, last night.

A man in his 20s was subsequently and remains in custody, a West Yorkshire Police spokesman confirmed.

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Craig Grandison, West Yorkshire Police Federation vice-chairman, has spoken of his shock at the Eccleshill incident and that the injured officers were getting the support they needed from the force.

A total of 1,700 separate assaults on police officers were reported in West Yorkshire between the start of January and the end of September this year.

Mr Grandison said: “It is the shock and horror of yet more police officers being injured in the course of their duty.

“One of the officers has a broken wrist. The others have cuts and bruises, back and neck pain.

“Their vehicle has been rammed by a vehicle which is believed to have been stolen.

“It is just another example of officers being injured every day, week and month in West Yorkshire.

“Officers are being injured so often it almost becomes run of the mill that someone has been injured again.

“This is the sort of situation we are dealing with.

“If anyone has seen anything in the Eccleshill incident, I would urge them to get in touch with police.”

Mr Grandison also reassured people that it would be officers at risk of injury, rather than residents, in incidents like that in Chapel Street.