THE Great British Bake Off continued with Dessert Week for the nine remaining bakers.

The bakers had to tackle pavlova, sticky toffee puddings and Imprimé Dessert Showstoppers their three challenges.

There was even the second Paul Hollywood handshake of the series dished out during the fourth episode.

Here is Sandy Docherty’s verdict of week three’s episode, as she continues her weekly Telegraph & Argus column which will be online each Wednesday morning while the series is on.


Sandy took part in the 2015 series and is the child protection and welfare officer at Titus Salt School in Baildon.

Here is Sandy’s on last night’s Dessert Week: She said: “I think the standard this year is excellent. I’m really liking the challenges.

“I thought the pavlova was a bit straightforward, but the challenge was around the timing, rather than the pavlova itself. That was interesting to see.

“Chigs getting the handshake was a bit out of the blue really. I didn’t see that coming.

“It was good to see Jurgen back on track.


“The technical task was fabulous. Everybody wants to have a go at toffee sauce and crème anglaise.

“Poor Maggie hit the wall.

“It’s just that you see if there is a twist with the technical. But it’s not about there being a twist, it’s about reading the instructions. It’s never there to catch you out, you just need to follow the instructions.

“You do get a sense when it’s your turn to leave and that you’ve plateaued.

“It was the right call for Maggie to go.


“I did predict Chigs for star baker. He was concentrating. It’s keeping that up now.

“German Week next week is made for Jurgen, but it does not mean you are going to get it right.

“There are a few of them coming to near the edge now.”