A BRADFORD taxi driver has been in court accused of refusing to transport a disabled person because they had an assistance dog.

Sher Gul, 59, of West Park Road, Girlington, allegedly refused to accept the persons booking which had been requested by his private hire operator.

On January 13, 2020, he is accused of refusing to transport the disabled person in Leeds because the person would be accompanied by an assistance dog, which is in breach of the Equality Act.

He was summoned before Kirklees Magistrates Court on September 8 for the latest hearing, where proceedings were adjourned for the third time.

This adjournment was due to the need for an Urdu/Punjabi translator; previous adjournments had been due to Gul being required to attend on March 3, and on May 14 because Gul was having a Covid test.

The case has now been adjourned to take place on October 18 at Kirklees Magistrates Court, where it is hoped the case will finally be heard.

The Guide Dogs charity said taxis and private hire vehicles are "essential for people with diabilities" who cannot drive and face barriers when using public transport.

Under the Equality Act, if the passenger is a guide dog owner, it is a criminal offence to refuse to carry their dog, or to charge extra for doing so.

The only exception is if the driver has a medical exemption certificate from the local council due to a genuine medical condition aggravated by exposure to dogs, and in that case the driver should help the passenger find another driver.

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