A WOMAN has raised concerns about the Test and Trace system after she was told to self-isolate, but then received emails which related to other people.

Adel Evans, 31, of Queensbury, said that on top of the email about her own situation, she then received six more which appeared to relate to the same family, advising them to book a test as they had been in close contact with a positive Covid-19 case.

She said it contained their unique ID and names in a breach of GDPR and said it raised the concern of where and who had received her information. 

Ms Evans has lodged a complaint over the issue and questioned how it happened; is her own data secure; how can she be assured that her data has not been passed on to anyone else and will the other people be contacted to advise them their data has been sent to someone else.

When the Telegraph & Argus raised this with the UK Health Security Agency, a Test and Trace spokesperson said: “Test and Trace successfully carries out hundreds of thousands of tests every day and in the overwhelming majority of instances there are no issues with the process.”

They added: “We take reports of errors during the testing process very seriously and all complaints are investigated.”