A new series about domestic abuse will be hitting screens on Sunday. The drama explores the issue of domestic abuse from the perspective of a woman with a seemingly perfect life, however behind the scenes her life is far from perfect.

Angela Black is played by actress Joanne Froggatt, known for many of her performances including her role on Downton Abbey. Many of you may be thinking where else you recognise Froggatt from, so we have rounded up 6 of her most notable appearances.

Downton Abbey

Froggatt stared in Downton Abbey from 2010-2015 as the character Anna Bates, the lady's maid to Lady Mary Crawley.

Coronation Street

In-between 1997 and 1998 Froggatt starred as Zoe Tattersall in Coronation Street. She featured in 126 episodes as the troubled teenager.

A Street Cat Named Bob

In 2016 Froggatt starred in the movie, A Street Cat Named Bob. Her character, Val, acts as drug addict James Bowen’s support worker.

Robin hood

In 2009 Froggatt was in BBC’s Robin Hood, playing the character of Kate. She starred in 11 episodes in series 3.


Froggatt starred in the BBC drama, Liar, from 2017-2020. She plays main character Laura Nielson, a teacher who dates a recently widowed surgeon, only for everything to spin out of control.

Bob the Builder

And if you can’t place where you know her voice from… Bob the Builder! Froggatt voiced the character of Wendy from 2015-2018, covering 112 episodes.

Talking about her new drama, Angela Black, Froggatt tells PA’s Georgia Humphreys about her character and her experiences: “She really does go on a huge journey that breaks her world apart and breaks her sense of self apart.

“Everything that she believes her life to be changes, and she almost has to fall apart to rebuild herself back to where she’s supposed to be.”

She goes on to express the importance of the storyline, and its realities outside of a tv show.

“It could be happening in the house next door, or possibly, in your own house”, Froggatt urges.

Angela Black airs on ITV from Sunday October 10 at 9pm.