AN axe-wielding DJ who bit and slapped his former partner during a ‘sustained and aggressive’ violent attack has been jailed.

Grafton Harrison, 26, of Canterbury Avenue, Canterbury, Bradford, repeatedly grabbed his female victim, his one-time partner, by her hair. He also slapped her head and face, bit her and put his knees to her face.

Harrison’s father, who was also in the house at the time of the incident, repeatedly tried to get his son to stop, but he was slapped away as Harrison continued his attack.

The victim eventually managed to escape from the property. Armed with an axe, Harrison began shouting in the street, chasing two passing cars while holding the weapon.

He then hit the victim on her thigh with the handle of the axe, causing redness.

Harrison was subsequently arrested at the scene.

The victim suffered redness, soreness and bruises to her body and headaches after the attack, which lasted for a total of around one-and-a-half hours.

His victim has also been left suffering from anxiety, depression and unable to work after the incident.

There had been some difficulties in the relationship between Harrison and his victim around a month before the attack, which was the culmination of those problems, Bradford Crown Court heard yesterday.

In mitigation, the court heard Harrison had been working as a part-time DJ for around 12 years and had built up a collection of equipment, including computers, to do this job.

He claims these expensive items were left outside in the rain by the victim and were subsequently damaged.

Harrison was upset after equipment was left outside and damaged by wet weather, and that his violent reaction towards the victim was ‘out of character’ and ‘he lost his cool’ as his equipment could not be easily replaced. The court also heard Harrison is now remorseful over his actions.

The incident took place where Harrison lived on July 12 this year after she initially agreed to see him there.

Harrison, who pleaded guilty at an earlier hearing, was also made the subject of a 10-year restraining order against his victim.

Judge Ahmed Nadim branded it a ‘prolonged incident of violence and aggression’.

Harrison, who appeared from prison via video link for yesterday’s hearing, was jailed for two years for affray.

He has 11 convictions for 17 past offences including assaulting a police officer.

He was told he will serve the first year of his sentence in prison and then be released on licence to serve the second half of the term.

Judge Nadim told Harrison: “There is a national concern about the safety of women and you are an example of the kind of person that gives concern to society as an example of how you deal with women when you are unhappy.

“You fell below the standard that you expect from a citizen, from a partner to a woman and therefore you must face the consequences of your actions.

“This incident represents one of the worst exhibitions of public disorder and affray.

“Anyone who had seen what you did would have been concerned for their own safety.

“On this occasion, you were upset that the victim had damaged your property and this caused a reaction to that. That does not serve to excuse or mitigate your behaviour.

“The victim sought to leave the address and you prevented her from leaving the address and you continued to engage in your aggression and violence.

“Once she left, you continued with the violence and helped yourself to an axe – a most menacing weapon – and you tried to attack her with that weapon. The entire incident is said to have lasted one-and-a-half hours. The victim is still in a state of fear as to what you might do when you are released from custody.”