WITH 14 branches across the UK, Luxury dessert chain, Icestone Gelato is set to open its new flagship store on Leeds Road, Bradford in December.

The franchise which opened in 2013, quickly became a renowned dessert restaurant in Bradford and beyond.

Now, eight years after their opening the company is relaunching the brand through its new flagship store with a more upmarket theme.

The building work is mostly complete and ready for machinery to be installed, for the relaunch and opening of the store close to Christmas time.

Part of the relaunch includes an updated menu which will incorporates all the bestsellers and more in a range of new flavours.

Some of the new offerings on the menu will be doughnuts with a variety of toppings, cakes, and new gelato flavours.

The Bradford brand prides itself in the quality of its product and services which is reflected in the manufacturing of all the food.

A spokesman for the company said: “Majority of our food is made in-house.

“The mixes are made to our specification, so we know the quality of our products.

“We are lucky that we have a partnership with a major baking manufacturer that supplies supermarket chains. “

Icestone Gelato is seen as a pioneer in the food world, becoming the first restaurant to only sells desserts.

“We always imagined it would be a successful brand.

“It was the right combination of minds coming together, we had someone from a finance background and someone from a fast-food background.

“We had our own chefs from Italy.

“We knew it was going to work”

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Waffle dessert at Icestone Gelato- picture IcestoneWaffle dessert at Icestone Gelato- picture Icestone

The team behind the brand put in a great deal of hard work and investment to ensure that their gelato was authentic.

“We initially spent three months in Italy, working with the flavour suppliers, learning the art of making gelato and since launching the brand we’ve been back twice, and they have been here.”

It has been revealed that a further five branches have been confirmed and will be popping up across the UK in the next couple of years.

At the National Franchise Exhibition, Scotland and London were mentioned as key locations for expansion.

The north has led the franchise with stores leading up to Liverpool and Newcastle.

With the opening of the new flagship store and the relaunch, all the franchises will be moving to the new branding, in time.

“We have a real pedigree in the field, and we know what we’re doing.

“We’re born and bred Bradford boys, we grew up here, we were educated in and around Bradford and we want to give something back to our community.”

Since the success of the Icestone Gelato franchise, the group have ventured on another successful brand, Mi Chaii, which offers a range of desi teas and traditional Indian street food.

Icestone Gelato will be giving T&A readers a sneak preview of the relaunch closer to the time.