THE Great British Bake Off continued with Bread Week for the 10 remaining bakers.

The bakers had to tackle focaccia, ciabatta bread sticks and milk bread displays for their three challenges.

Here is Sandy Docherty’s verdict of week three’s episode, as she continues her weekly Telegraph & Argus column which will be online each Wednesday morning while the series is on.

Sandy took part in the 2015 series and is the child protection and welfare officer at Titus Salt School in Baildon.


Sandy says: She said: “For the first time in a long time that this weekend I will go and make milk bread and focaccia after watching it.

“That really enticed me into trying things.

“I was really delighted with the challenges. It is back to what the public want to do.

“The simple things are not always the most simple things to do.

“Bread is about timing.

“The ciabatta breadsticks were a really good challenge. People think ‘I fancy them’.

“With the milk bread showstopper, I did not think anybody did anything terrible. There is not a bad baker among then.


“Nobody did anything disastrously wrong in bread week.

“Paul and Prue are working closely and keeping the challenge’s core skills going.

“Giuseppe stole the show really. It was in his blood.

“Bread is something that you do, or you don’t do.

“It’s a challenging week for some bakers because some of them might not go near bread.

“Jurgen struggled with bread week. But Freya was up there with her vegan milk bread using soya milk.

“It was excellent all round. Nothing failed. All the bakers had a good round.”

On the baker that went, Sandy says: “Rochica going was the right baker to go really. She did not grasp the timing of things.

“Maggie was close to going.”


On the Star Baker, Sandy says: “Giuseppe was the star baker and he got the first handshake of the series. It was a lovely handshake., “Paul Hollywood does not dish them out willy nilly.

“It does move you to get a handshake. He is doing it because he believes in it.”