PLANS have been submitted in retrospect for a rabbit boarding business set up in a garden in Low Moor without permission.

The application is for Redbeck Rabbit Boarding in Caldene Avenue, where a large boarding site featuring hutches and exercise areas for rabbits have been set up in the garden.

In the plans, the applicant Martin Maran said: “There are a great number of other small animal boarding business [that] operate within a domestic garden environment and are considered low-key and inoffensive and that no significant noise, odour and other disturbance caused.”

In the plans, he said while rabbits scratch and stamp the noise would not disturb neighbours, and there were no complaints about traffic increases in the cul-de-sac due to the business, with approximately 200 visitors a year.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

Mr Maran added: “The nature of the sheds - their hight and colour - was purposely considered to match the red brick and red roofing tiles utilised in the area.

“The boundary fences are all approximately 6ft so the majority of the small sheds are below the boundary fence thus not visible to neighbours, and where the one shed was higher we openly discussed this with the concerning neighbour with no issues raised."

The garden has undergone a major transformation, with what was previously a open, plain lawn intersected by bushes unrecognisable in its current guise.

Mr Maran has built two considerable summer houses which are only used to accommodate their own rabbits, and it is joined by a number of boarding sheds opposite, complete with exercise areas for rabbits to use during their stay.

An external office building has also been constructed for the business in the garden's patio area.

“We accept under building regulations because it’s a registered business it cannot be considered incidental to the enjoyment of the property, yet we have made every effort to still comply with said rules.

“Being British Rabbit Council members and Rabbit Welfare members a great deal of enjoyment is gained by helping look after local resident pets.”

Bradford Council will now consider the application and if it is approved the hutches can remain, but if it is refused the applicant will be forced to remove the hutches from their garden.

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