ALASTAIR Campbell has launched a social media ‘attack’ on Radio 1 DJ, Jordan North, and questioned his real support for his Burnley ‘happy place’.

Campbell, who once served as Tony Blair’s spokesman, has called the Burnley-born DJ a “part time” Burnley Football Club fan and questioned why he has his own Toblerone bar in Turf Moor’s shop.

In the light-hearted video, 64-year-old Alastair said: “Why haven’t I got my own Toblerone bar? Why has Jordan North got his own Toblerone bar?

“Burnley, I have followed you for 60 years and he comes along and does some stupid reality TV show.

“Is he really taking over? I’m hurt.”



Along with the video, Alastair also called out Jordan directly, writing: “Hey

@jordannorth1 part-time fan who nobody has seen at t’ Turf for weeks … how come you’ve got your own Toblerone in the club shop?

“Took me decades to become ‘@BurnleyOfficial most famous fan’.

“You’re not gonna supplant me that easily. You goin’ to Citeh [sic]? ‘No, I’m on tour’ ”

However, it didn’t take long for Jordan to reply and defend his reputation – and he did so in a typically northern fashion.

He replied: “ ‘Part time fan’ - I’ve been [to] more Burnley games than you’ve had hot dinners.”

Fans loved North’s response, writing: “This is a classic northern come back.”

Another commented: “This is a beef [sic] I was not expecting!”


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However, Alastair wasn’t going to let the argument end there and also posted a response.

He said: “How many away ends have you been in as a @BurnleyOfficialfan? If you can beat 89 come back to me lad …. If not get back on tour with your posh mate.”

Jordan replied with a gif and wrote: “I’ll get back in my box.”



Alastair Campbell’s love for Burnley Football Club stems back 60 years and he has been recognised as one of the football club’s biggest fans.

The 64-year-old's first visit to Turf Moor was aged four, and ever since Alastair has been a staunch supporter attending both home and away games.

In 2019, he even featured in a BBC 2 documentary called ‘Alastair Campbell: Depression And Me’, where he talked about how being a Clarets fan had helped him combat his mental health issues.

At the time, the Keighley-born man said: “Football and watching Burnley FC, win or lose, always helps.

“It doesn’t make the depression go away but when I’m watching them play it is so intense, I get so involved it eases it for the time being.

“If I am having a bad day watching Burnley FC, whether they play well or badly, makes a difference.”

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