A MUM has issued a warning about chilling scammers pretending to be their child on a new number.

The woman posted on a Facebook community page for Keighley ("You know you've lived in Keighley when...") late on Thursday about a series of texts she received on messaging platform, Whatsapp. 

Her post said: "A new scam going around, this was not from any of my children."

She shared a screenshot of the Whatsapp conversation, which was initiated by a number that the woman did not have saved in her contacts.

The first message said: "Hey mum it's me. I got a new number u can delete the old one".

This was accompanied at the end with a thumbs-up emoji and love heart emoji.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: The conversation was initiated like thisThe conversation was initiated like this

The mother, just over five hours later at 8.56pm, asked: "Who's this".

The alleged scammer responded 15 minutes after with: "You're oldest and cutest child xx". 

The woman simply said, "haha", in response, at 9.37pm.

A later screenshot, that the mother posted in the comments section of the post, seemingly showed the crux of the scam. 

The messager behind the unknown number said at 9.47pm: "I have a little problem that I can't solve...could you help me with it?"

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: The crux of the conversationThe crux of the conversation

The woman immediately said: "Will try".

The alleged scammer then responded: "Well because of that new device I have to transfer all apps, but the banking app has put a 48-hour security on the app due to fraud.

"All nice but I have to pay 2 payments.

"Very annoying because I can't do anything about it.

"Could you possibly pay for it for me and I'll return it soon as possible?"

Some people responded to say they had received the same initial text from an unknown number.

One person also said it was "disturbing" the alleged scammer was using the woman's children to start the conversation.