CENTENARY Square in Bradford is being used as a backdrop for a local short film.

Aelixir Media is shooting a film called ‘My Home’ which is set and based in Bradford.

The film tells the story of a man who is quite prejudicial regarding the current state of Bradford and who chooses to be home bound, but things change when he gets a new carer.

Frank Ryan and Leela Tikadar are the stars of the film which looks to celebrate the city and all that it offers.

Frank Ryan, 66, producer of well-received short-film, Gatecrasher, said: “Bradford is great for film making.

“As the world’s first UNESCO city of film, it truly embodies film making and reaching wider communities.

The company Aelixir Media is a voluntary organisation based in Yorkshire, which is trying to increase the number of films being made in Bradford and providing opportunities for local people to partake in.

One of the members of Aelixir Media, Dr Sohail who is a GP in Bradford, wears the cap of Writer, Producer and Assistant Director.

He said: “Aelixir Media is all about finding local talent and giving talented people in the area a platform to use.

“The film will be finished in two months-time, and we will then try and get it into local festivals for the summer.”

Frank said: “it’s a vibrant city and I love living here for the past 20 years.

“This film showcases how much the city has changed over the years but Bradford is still a lovely place to be.”