MOTORISTS have flocked to petrol stations right across the country over the weekend and the chaos has continued into this week.

Some garages were reporting possible fuel supply issues arising at the end of last week, due to a shortage of qualified drivers to transport petrol.

The Government urged people not to panic buy, but it was evident that the warning was not heeded as garages throughout England were flooded with drivers desperately filling their vehicles up.

That was the case in Bradford, with heavy queues at many petrol stations across the district, including jams which ended up blocking main roads.

The issue has bled into this week, with some garages even closing and turning customers away.

We sent out several of our reporters to take a look at how things were unfolding generally across Bradford.

Daryl Ames visited the Morrisons petrol station, at Five Lane Ends in Idle, which is in an enterprise zone that also houses a Morrisons supermarket, a McDonald's, a PureGym and Poundland.

It was the scene of much congestion and road rage last Friday, due, in part,  to the layout of the enterprise zone and car park.

There were similar issues today, with Daryl photographing vehicles queueing beyond the reaches of the car park and onto the roundabout on the main road.

There was even a fancy vehicle joining the throng of traffic.

Daryl said: "And of course, limos need petrol."

Meanwhile, Dave Jagger visited two garages with differing circumstances.

He queued to get some fuel at the Esso petrol station, in Tong Street, but discovered there was no unleaded available at the BP garage in Wakefield Road.

Dave spoke to a man there who claimed nearly every petrol station in Keighley has a £25 limit currently in place.

But Dave added: "None of the stations I went past looked any busier than normal."

Finally, Mark Stanford found there was no petrol at all left at the Shell station in Bingley Road, Saltaire.

He said staff were turning away cars.

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