RESIDENTS of the Kirkless borough of Batley are frustrated with the parking situation in the town’s centre.

Locals have complained about the number of non-blue badge holders parking in spots reserved for disabled or elderly people.

One young lady took to Facebook to raise concern of the issue at hand.

Lauren Sophia Hooley, 24, a resident of Batley who takes her grandparents shopping in the town centre said: “I’m sick to death of the parking In Batley town centre.

“Something really needs to be done about it.

“People Park where they want with no care in the world.

“My elderly grandma who has a disabled badge is having to walk from one end to other and has struggled with her breathing.

“Every single person parked in the disabled spots was young and with no display of badges.

“I feel it’s too stressful and unsafe to come to a town I’ve grown up in, due to the idiots who can’t drive or park in the centre.

“it’s really sad because every other centre has parking wardens and people abide by the rules but in Batley, we have no police around or wardens and it’s like we are pushed aside as a community.”

Other residents commented under the post that the town should start using a system like Morely, where cars are unable to drive in the centre.

Kirklees Council said: “Our Parking Enforcement Officers carry out regular patrols across the borough to enforce parking restrictions, such as designated disabled bays, and issue penalty notices to offending vehicles in areas where these restrictions are not being complied with, including Batley.”

The situation seems to have hit home with several people who feel that there needs to be more active approach in dealing with this.

Reclaim our Roads (ROAR) are a campaign group in Kirklees who are protesting to make roads safer and for speed cameras to be put up to prevent dangerous driving.

The group will be protesting on Saturday outside the Jo Cox house on Commercial Street at 6pm.