A prolific and persistent shoplifter who targeted numerous stores to steal high-value goods including perfume, meat and spirits has been jailed for a total of 52 weeks.

James Richardson, 35, of no fixed address, was locked up by Bradford and Keighley magistrates after pleading guilty to 28 offences committed in the Keighley area during August and into this month.

His catalogue of offending included stealing £400 worth of perfume from The Fragrance Shop in Keighley and targeting the Co-op in Steeton to make off with spirits, meats and cheese.

His criminality took him to Sainsbury’s in Cavendish Street, Keighley, where he stole steaks worth £103, and Morrisons in Worth Way in the town where he took aftershave valued at £36.

Richardson’s spree of dishonesty included Poundland where he stole £75 of chocolate and a return to the Co-op to take cooked meats and cheese worth £95.

On August 15 he raided £200 of meat from the Co-op in Haworth Road, Keighley, and four days later he stole £56 of vodka from B&M in the town.

Richardson visited Asda in Bingley Street, Keighley, on August 24 to make off with £150 of spirits.

The final offence on the court list was committed on September 10 when he stole £68 worth of meat from the Co-op in Broomhill Avenue, Keighley.