With the huge success of the district wide clean ups Bradford 4 Better(B4B)  has launched the B4B Action Days project.

The group has been organising district wide clean-ups for over two years.

Residents have started coming together to focus on specific areas that need some TLC.

Residents have been inspired and empowered by the community efforts and are working together to make positive changes for their neighbourhoods.  

Yasar Mohammed, a member of B4B said: “None of this would be possible without the passion and motivation of the residents who are working tirelessly to transform their environment so everyone can enjoy public spaces and be proud of where they live.”

B4B invite residents to take on the challenge to transform their neighbourhoods and will provide help and support to anyone wanting to sign up to an action day for their area.

This weekend the group was working on Westminster Terrace on Prospect Road, with 10 to 15 volunteers.

As Action Days is a community project, the people in that area are largely in charge of getting the job done with B4B doing the background work.

“It’s about creating safe spaces and making areas usable.

“In some projects we have worked on, they’ve made areas for children, or flowerpots.

“It’s nice to just have a clean area or make use of space you didn’t have before.”

Before commencing work in the area, the group do a letter drop as well as a door knock to make residents aware of the project, as well as encouraging them to take part.

B4B works to make communities better but also wants people to have the desire to create change.