NO crystal ball was required to predict the winner of the Mintex Trial on Sunday in North Yorkshire.

The almost invincible Hemingway brothers Harry and George dominated the tough two lap trials route on the remote Hurst Moor. Fifteen year old Harry set the fastest time of 3 hours- 10 minutes and 30 seconds which was just six minutes ahead of his thirteen year old brother George.

For the record, Harry incurred three penalties – in sections 21 and 22 and 12 and a single mark in section 20 on lap 2. George led the field on observation with one penalty in the section twenty one on lap two.

The Moresdale group where the final four sections tracked the deep valley was distant. The shooting butts access track was four miles from the start. Nancy Laws somehow manage to climb through the steep bracken to above the horrendous ravine while daughter Sarah observed the penultimate four miles from start and where Sarah and Nancy Laws observed the final sections Phillip Stones was down valley on Section 28 where his son Guy was doing the number check.

Class A winner Harry Turner did not fare as well as expected but third on observation was negated slightly by twenty three time penalties whereas Harry Bowyer was third fastest with fourteen time figure. In the final count Callum Fowler claimed third Class B and that put a smile on grandfather Tony Lomas who was a national speedway star in the days of Ivan Mauger.

The weather held all day and results were completed by 17.30 when Club member and head gamekeeper Richard Coates presented all the major awards. Another top class Youth event ended.

Now all the Class A age group will counting the days – the Scott Trial is the next step up the challenges. For Bradford Motor Club member Lucy Ayrton was day to remember, Just seventeen two weeks ago Lucy entered the trial to ride her TRS machine.

All went well until she slid off her bike into a deep stream, She got a soaking the TRS machine took on water. Lucy, training to be an engineer, removed the fuel pipe and drained the water and kicked the bike back into life and continued but the time delay just axed her hopes of an event finish. Summing up, she reported that the water was cold.