A POLICE contact centre has issued a warning to students and parents of children using their phones.

West Yorkshire Police's Contact Management Centre often posts on its Twitter account about people calling 999 with inappropriate issues.

The centre has had it all, from calls regarding McDonald's McNuggets, to someone asking if police have any tobacco, and one person even wondering whether the emergency helpline team could arrange a "prank arrest".

But last night, the team put out a reminder, rather than giving a stern telling off.

It was to parents of children who get hold of their mobiles.

The post said: "We do tend to get a few 999 calls from children who are playing on their parents phones, unsupervised, who then ring 999.

"Please watch them when on your phones as we do tend to get calls."

This morning, the team sent out a further alert to school pupils after noticing an emerging pattern.

The post said: "We are getting a few 999 calls recently from students in schools that are accidental.

"Please keep in mind to be careful with your phones during school hours."