SIR - Recent social care news coverage has raised interesting questions about the control we have over our care in later life. September is World Alzheimer's Month, raising awareness of issues faced by people living with the challenging disease.

The disease is a major concern for some older vegetarians and vegans (veg*ns). Many of us worry about needing care, fearing we may lose the ability to choose a diet in accordance with our beliefs and values.

Vegetarian for Life (VfL), a national charity supporting older veg*ns, is launching a self-advocacy pack to support people worried about this situation. It will be launched to mark National Older Vegetarians and Vegans Day (October 1).

The pack will help to explain the laws protecting those with special dietary needs; sources of support if your rights aren't being recognised; and simple actions you can take to protect your rights. These include making a statement of your wishes and care preferences, helping future carers to understand your needs.

It is vitally important that people plan for their future and know their rights. VfL believes that needing care should not mean losing the right to have and practice values.

Contact the charity to request a pack or visit the website.

Joe Barson, Vegetarian for Life, Ducie Street, Manchester