WEST Yorkshire faces an “unbelievable” amount of uncertainty over a number of major transport schemes - making it difficult to fully plan for the future.

This was a claim made by Leeds Councillor Neil Buckley (Cons, Alwoodley) during a discussion on a funding bid that would see massive changes in the region’s transport system.

West Yorkshire Combined Authority this month submitted its bid to Government for a “sustainable transport settlement.”

If successful, the submission could see almost £900 million given to the region, which would fund a mass transit system linking West Yorkshire’s towns, cities and suburbs.

The government has created a £4.2 billion pot of cash that will be spread between eight “city regions” in the UK - West Yorkshire being one of them.

Depending on the success of the bid, West Yorkshire could get between £570m or £920m. An announcement is expected at the end of October.

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The bid was discussed at a meeting of the Combined Authority’s Transport Committee on Friday.

Cllr Buckley said: “It is worth putting on record, that this bid is pulling together many strands of what we need and what we want, but at the same time we’ve got the most unbelievable situation with the amount of uncertainty as to major transport projects. This is in the Government’s court.

“For instance, we don’t yet know if the Eastern leg of HS2 will go ahead. There is still uncertainty over the airport at Leeds Bradford - planning was granted for a new terminal but that is now in a state of uncertainty. I’m guessing the new HS2 station in Leeds will be effected by any cancellation of the Eastern leg. There is Northern Powerhouse Rail, and now we hear there is uncertainty over plans for the future of the East Coast Mainline.

“I just want this all put on record. I;m not trying to attack the Government, but it is very difficult difficult for us to put forward a bid that encapsulates everything we need when there are so many uncertain factors.”

Recent reports in national press have hinted that the Government may scrap the East leg of HS2 - which would end in a newly constructed station in Leeds.

The Government is also yet to confirm plans for a high speed Northern Powerhouse rail line, which the Authority is pushing to include a Bradford city centre stop.

And despite plans for a new terminal at Leeds Bradford Airport being approved by Leeds Council, the Government has yet to announced whether it plans to “call in” the decision, or to let the development go ahead.

Responding to Cllr Buckley, Bradford Council Leader Susan Hinchcliffe, also chair of the committee, said: “I absolutely agree. There are some crucial decisions for the region that have the potential for a huge amount of improvement for our transport system.”

She asked when announcements on some of these transport schemes were likely to be made.

James Nutter, head of rail, said the decisions on the rail schemes were expected around the same time as the Government’s spending review in late October.