The heartbroken father of two young children who died at a house near Sheffield broke down at the scene of the tragedy today after he paid tribute to his 'beautiful babies.'

Jason Bennett sobbed as he lay flowers for his son, John, and daughter, Lacey, and told his heart was broken into a “million pieces”.

Visibly distressed, he cried out in pain as he was comforted by a friend at the police cordon in Killamarsh, Derbyshire.

The youngsters were thought to be having a sleepover with a friend when police were called at around 7.25am on Sunday.

All three children were found dead alongside a woman.

As he lay flowers at the scene of the horror today, John said he was “heartbroken, in a million pieces” and “shattered”.

He had earlier penned an emotional Facebook post revealing the extent of his pain.

He said: “Absolutely broken my heart into a million pieces. To all my friends and family. “I didn’t protect my beautiful babies enough from the monsters and now they have been suddenly taken away from me.

“I’m writing this as I’m lost and broken on a 4 hour drive back home having just received heartbreaking news that my beautiful boy John and beautiful daughter Lacey have been taken away from me.

“Life will never be the same. I love you both more than anything.

“Please look after each other. Gone too soon with so much to live for.

“I wish i could hold you and kiss you and tell you how much I love you.

“Thank you for making my world. All my love dad. Xxx”

A cordon remains at the quiet street in Killamarsh as shocked neighbours struggle to come to terms with the tragedy.

Local Becky Poole said: “I’m absolutely heartbroken. Three children there, what can I say? It shouldn’t happen.

“When children are involved, it’s just not on.”

The youngsters were all pupils at nearby Outwood Academy City which has today closed for a period of mourning.

The school said: "It is with great sadness that the academy will be closed today. A tragic incident has taken place in the community involving 3 of our students.

“We will however be open to any students who need our support."