IN the latest edition of our look back through the T&A picture archives, here are five football teams from the past.

Above, leading the Bradford Red Triangle League’s Premier Division in 1966 – Westfield Rovers.

Back: R Spencer, P Dalton, G Taylor, G Palmer, C Jackson, M Johnson (reserve). Front: B Willingham, R Shepherd, J Mathers, K Burdett, K Hudson, E Lund.

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Bradford Telegraph and Argus: CRAG ROAD UNITED 1966

CRAG ROAD UNITED 1966: Back: S Cocksedge, B Stoney, R Craig, D Aram, D Pinder, A Brannan. Front: W McGougan, D Crossley, H McGowan (captain), D Rice, G Rodgerson.


Bradford Telegraph and Argus: TELEPHONE HOUSE TEAM 1966

TELEPHONE HOUSE TEAM 1966: Back: K Overend, D Taylor, J Palmer, R Hewitt, K Jones, D Appleyard. Front: A Mortimer, D Pennylarter, J Taylor (captain), S Goodwin, D Sager. The mascot is Helen Taylor, daughter of the captain.


Bradford Telegraph and Argus: TYERSAL 1966

TYERSAL 1966: Back: M Asquith, T Hunt, W Guy, K W Miles, A E Mann, D Ellis. Front: R H Morse, K Johnstone, P Brannan (captain), A Horsman, A J Hunt.


Bradford Telegraph and Argus: YEADON CELTIC 1966

YEADON CELTIC 1966: Back: R Tillotson, D Walker, F Thornber, G Purcell, J Walker, M Waite. Front: S Willey, L Wiseman, W Spencer (captain), F Edmondson, R Spencer.

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