A YouTube blogger claims to have answered the question a lot of people ask: How deep is the river at the Strid, at Bolton Abbey?

The answer is staggering. The notoriously dangerous part of the River Wharfe which flows through Strid Wood has claimed many lives over the years with people attempting to jump across the narrow part where it flows between the rocks.

However, the river holds a dark secret in that it is very deep and the flow pulls people below the water from where there is no escape.

On August 17, 1998, honeymooners Barry, 29, a computer engineer from Surrey and Lynn Collett, 26, a student nurse, who were staying in Appletreewick were reported missing on the second day of their honeymoon. They had drowned at the spot. Mrs Collett's body was found on August 23 at the weir in Addingham while her husband's body was reported to have been found at Asquith on October 17.

The YouTuber calling himself Jack a Snacks, from the Lake District, has filmed a video where he uses a rod with a sonar device to measure the varying depths along the Strid.

His findings show the deepest and most dangerous part is 65 metres deep (over 213 feet) and less than two metres wide. The depth is more than twice the height of Ribblehead Viaduct.

Jack a Snacks reiterates the area is very dangerous and advises people who visit the area to take care.

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