TEN Bradford parents have been fined hundreds of pounds each in court for failing to register their children with a school as ordered to by the Council.

The parents were all called to Bradford and Keighley Magistrates’ Court last month for failing to comply with School Attendance Orders, issued when the council thinks a child is not getting an education.

Parents then have 15 days to provide evidence they have registered their child with the school listed in the order or that they’re giving them home education. If they do not, they could be prosecuted or given a fine.

All ten of the parents were called before court on August 3, and have been slapped with hefty fines for failing to register their children at school.

None of the parents can be named for legal reasons, to protect the identity of their children, but the details of their offending and punishments can be revealed.

First in was a mother who failed to register her child at Dixons Cottingley Academy in January, and as such was ordered to pay £404; a £220 fine, £150 costs and a £34 surcharge to victims’ services.

Also copping a £404 fine was another mother, this time from West Bowling, who failed to comply with her order in November 2020, but the name of the school in question was not listed.

The next mother in failed to comply with the order, also last November, and was fined a total of £535; no details of her school on her SAO was given by the court.

The fourth mother, for whom again no school was given regarding the breach in November. She was fined £484. It was the same scenario for a fifth mum, this time from Bolton Woods, and she was fined £404 for breaching the SAO last November.

The next parent did attend court for her hearing, and pleaded guilty to failing to comply with the SAO imposed upon her in November 2020. This plea reduced the fine for the mother, who was ordered to pay £264.

Also pleading guilty in court was another mother, who was given a reduced fine of £276 after admitting breaching her SAO last December.

Next up was a mother who didn’t comply with the order to register her child at Buttershaw Business and Enterprise College in February, and she was fined a total of £484 in her absence for the breach.

Appearing in court and pleading guilty to breaching the SAO was a mother, who didn’t register her child at Laisterdyke Leadership Academy in January. She was handed a reduce fine of £271 for the offence.

Last up was the only father to be fined during the day’s hearings. The man didn’t turn up and was found to have failed to register his child at Thornbury Primary Leadership Academy in January. He was fined a total of £404.