A MOTHER went on a three hour drunken rampage, harassing neighbours and assaulting the police officers who were called to the residential street in Thornton.

Keeley Riley, 38, of Leaventhorpe Lane, Thornton, first shouted abuse and threatened to kill a neighbour after an incident involving their daughters.

Then she moved on to racially abuse three members of the same family living nearby in an apparently motiveless attack.

When the police were called, she proceeded to head butt one officer, spat at other officers and tried to strike another, as well as shouting homophobic abuse at another. This took place at Leaventhorpe Lane and at Nelson Street in Bradford City Centre, where the police station is.

Riley admitted four counts of assault by beating of an emergency worker, three counts of racially aggravated harassment, two counts of harassment and the common assault of an emergency worker.

Sitting at Bradford Crown Court, Recorder Simon Myerson QC handed Riley a 13 month and one week prison sentence, suspended for two years.

He also ordered that she complete up to 45 rehabilitation activity days, with a focus on dealing with diversity issues and thinking skills.

She was banned from Leaventhorpe Lane for two years, as it emerged that she had already moved from the area since the incident in 2020.

The prosecutor in the case outlined how Riley had gone to her neighbour's house at around 3pm on Sunday, September 2020, accusing the neighbour's daughter of pushing her own girls around.

Bradford Crown Court heard that Riley did not take well to being told to calm down, and went on to threaten to kill her neighbour.

Recorder Myerson added that Riley had been extremely drunk and proceeded to "pick a fight" with the first neighbour before confronting another family nearby using "quite abominable language" and then proceeded to be uncooperative with the police and "flailed around hitting anyone within reach".

The court also heard that she threatened one police officer with an attack, saying "I'm going to head butt you," and that is what she did.

In Riley's defence the court was told: "It's very much an isolated incident - a moment of madness. Her child was in some distress, crying at the time.

"It has never been repeated. She is ashamed of her actions and has moved away."

In sentencing, Recorder Myerson said: "About a year ago you lost control of yourself and the resultant behaviour over the course of three hours is just completely inexcusable."

He described the original complaint that saw Riley start the incident with the first neighbour as something that she should not have sought to get involved in, in the first place.

"Then you went on to abuse a perfectly innocent family, you referenced their race and accused them without any evidence of money laundering.

"When the police came to arrest you, you attacked the first person and you tried to attack others. including accusing one of being a lesbian.

"Until ultimately you ran out of steam and fuel."

The Recorder added: "I could have sent you to prison for three years, but I am satisfied that this isn't what you are normally like."