A SPECIALIST police team made 29 arrests for violence, drugs, arson, drink-driving and various other offences in just one week.

West Yorkshire Police's Operation Jemlock Team - the force's dedicated initiative for tackling serious violent and knife crime - posted on Twitter yesterday about their work last week.

The team made 29 arrests in total for various offences, across the seven day period.

This included 11 (38 per cent) people detained for violence or drug type offences, four (14 per cent) arrests for theft and two each (7 per cent) for drink-driving and arson.



Officers also caught seven people (24 per cent) who were wanted for prison recalls or bail breaches - these were mainly linked to violent crime.

Then there was one (3 per cent) person detained for a sexual offence and two arrests made for crimes described as "miscellaneous".

Police also seized drugs and knives throughout the week.