PROLIFIC Manningham fundraiser Nazim Ali has completed his first attempt at the Great North Run which he ran in memory of his friend’s nine year old son.

The youngster, Muhammad Haider Rasab died after battling cancer and Nazim told his friend, Rasab Yaqoob, he would be running with Muhammad in his heart.

Nazim also took the opportunity to fundraise for the Malawi Goat Appeal through Green Crescent Aid UK. he hoped to raise £2,500 to buy goats for the villagers to use for milk and to add to the flocks.

However, he has surpassed that total and to date has raised more than £6,500.

Each goat costs £25 so he will be able to buy over 260 with what he has raised so far.

A seasoned runner Nazim said the occasion was overwhelming and that it was good to be able to be among runner and spectators again.

He said: “I am still coming to terms from the elation of fulfilling a childhood dream by running the Great North Run.

“As a child I would get up in the morning of the race and watch the coverage on the BBC of all the amazing runners raising money for a plethora of causes. It was also the 40th occasion of the 13.1-mile race. I joined 57,000 other amazing runners.

“This was the biggest running event in Britain during the last 17 months with the Covid pandemic ensuring last year’s Great North Run was for the first time in it’s history cancelled.

“The temperatures were perfect for running with around 15 degrees and there was also light rain. However the course was a hilly one especially the last two miles. I hit the wall at mile 10 and kept thinking about the bravery of nine-year old Muhammad Haider Rasab, my childhood friend Rasab Yaqoob’s son, who died from cancer three weeks ago.”

Nazim and Rasab attended Lilycroft Primary School and after the race Nazim graciously handed over his medal to his friend.

“Rasab asked if he could have the medal so he could frame it and keep it as a comforting reminder of his son and I was happy to to so,” said Nazim.

“I want to thank people for the amazing support of the donors who once more have supported me generously and the amazing Tyneside crowd who kept encouraging me and to coin a football phrase were my 12th man. It was so nice to be in a proper race environment again.

“I completed the run in a time of 2:30:48 which I was pleased with. I only started training fully again three weeks ago after a calf injury from my 8th annual Ramadan 10K run in May. I ran my first training run on Sunday, August 22 after having not ran for just over three months and my injury held. I was confident I would complete the course but the last two miles were tough. I could feel the tension in both calves which I had strapped up.

“Thus far I have raised £6,450 (enough for 268 live goats) for Green Crescent Aid UK’s.

“My original target was £2,500 so I am overwhelmed by all of the support once again.”

Nazim has raised over £425,000 for good causes both at home and abroad in the past 24 years and regularly donates gifts to children in hospital in Bradford and Airedale during Ramadan and at Easter and Christmas.

His sponsor page is still open. It can be found at: