MORE deserving people will be surprised with items made for them on a major TV series filmed in Bradford.

In episode four of Jay’s Yorkshire Workshop, filmed in Little Germany and broadcast on BBC Two tonight, Gez and Shane nominate Mr Bob, the founder of a local mental health charity for men, Platform 1, which has helped hundreds of men in crisis, including Shane.

Gez said: “We have 700 guys coming on a regular basis that need a bit of support and Bob is a beacon of light and it’s safe to say he’s saved quite a lot of lives.”

When asked by host Jay Blades “What’s Bob like as a person?” Gez replied, “He’s such a gentle soul. This is no secret, but Bob doesn’t mind people talking. Bob has had his own demons in the past and his struggle. Bob suffers with depression, but he still comes into work and he has a big smile on his face, tells a lot of really rubbish jokes and takes it on from there.”

Jay admits: “I know I’ve been through those dark times and I know I needed support then.”

Shane, who got in contact with the charity after tragically losing his mother said: “When you’ve given up all hope and you’re going to throw the towel in, you open this door and there’s Mr Bob!”

In tonight’s episode, expert woodworker Ciaran and his team of makers handcraft a contemporary wingback chair set on a pedestal as a special thank you for him.

Ciaran tells Mr Bob: “I wanted to design something which essentially had a pedestal on because you’re worthy of it and the fact that the balloon back chair had this kind of comfort that you spread to the community and I wanted to incorporate all of that into the design.” Ciaran continues: “It’s like a throne, fit for a king.”

Maker Les finds this build extremely personal and admits to having his own struggles with mental health and tells Mr Bob: “There is a lot of love that’s gone into that chair” to which Mr Bob responds: “I can tell.”

Les said: “For men of our age it’s difficult to open up and if you don’t, people think there’s nothing wrong.”

In each episode, members of the public nominate local heroes from across Yorkshire to receive a bespoke, handmade piece of wooden furniture to recognise the work they do for their community, often going above and beyond.  Jay hears first-hand what makes each local hero special and why they are deserving of this thank you. 

Meanwhile, tonight’s episode will also see Imran Khan, owner of IK Collections, receive a surprise gift.

For an interview with Mr Khan leading up to the show, click here

Jay’s Yorkshire Workshop airs tonight at 9pm on BBC Two