Debar, Astonish and Ferno UK are finalists in the Manufacturer of the Year category at the Bradford Means Business Awards 2021

Debar Ltd

The firm was established in 2009 to design and develop its own bi-fold door hardware range, and now ships its products all over the world.

In addition it has created a complete bi-fold door system which has been adopted by a number of companies under their own brand.

In 2017 manufacturing was brought in house, and the firm moved to new premises in Great Horton, allowing it to being its operations all under one roof.

Managing director Graham Fawthrop, said becoming a finalist was a recognition of the hard work he and his team and put in. “We’ve done this together,” he added.


The cleaning brand is currently based at Low Moor, but is looking to move in 2022 to a bespoke site it is developing three miles away.

This is on the back of a 400 per cent growth for the company in the last ten years.

As well as household cleaning products and disinfectants, Astonish manufacturers hand wash, shower gel and bath soak - more than 60 products in total.

Manager director Howard Moss says an award would first and foremost be recognition for the great people working within the businesses - adding “without great people no great product can exist”.

Ferno UK

The Cleckheaton based company is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, having begun in 1971.

It manufactures medical devices, mainly selling to the public sector, and in particular to ambulance services.

Employing 50 people, Ferno UK makes patient transport equipment, such as ambulance trolley and stretchers, as well as backboards and rescue stretchers. The firm moved to its current premises in Cleckheaton in 1996.

Managing director John Ellis says their staff are very proud of what they do, with 20 staff working on the shop floor in manufacturing.

He added: “It’s about the investment in our staff that makes it happen.”