A HIPPIE-themed garden shelter has brought happiness back into the life of a Bradford woman who had a tough time during lockdown.

Cullingworth artist Joanne Scott spent a week painting the garden shelter and bringing real joy to the owner, Daisy Williams, also of Cullingworth.

The hippie-inspired garden shelter was such a success that Daisy decided to have a gala opening attended by neighbours and friends in the village.

Daisy said: "The past 18 months has been very tough. My husband was vulnerable and had to isolate and my mother died of Covid in January.

"What Joanne has achieved is incredible, she has brought colour and happiness back into my life and I am so grateful.

"Jo asked me for my favourite things throughout my life - my old camper van, daisies and shoes. Always shoes!

"What a happy place this is to sit."

Joanne enjoyed the experience too, saying: "It was a crazy fun commission featuring some of her favourite things.

"It was an outdoor space painted to brief. Just fab to do!

"We even managed to get her much loved border collie in there."

Daisy said: "It's just brilliant. It's such a happy place.

"It's been a tough lockdown, not just for me but everybody.

"It's lightened the mood.

"I originally had the shelter built so I could have a place to sit when I was training my puppy.

"It's a good thing to have in the garden and is so useful.

"It doesn't matter what the weather is like, I can still sit outside."

She said this was particularly important during lockdown.

"My husband had to shield, so the only things I could do was walk the dogs and do essential shopping."

Daisy said that the hippie theme is perfect for her personalty.

"You can't take the hippie out a woman," she admitted. "But then old hippies turn into grannies.

"It reminds of my old beat up camper van.

"The shelter was christened the "Bus Stop" by my husband and I when it was first built.

"It just looked like a bus stop - one of the old wooden shelter ones."

Daisy also spoke about the gala open day they held so neighbours could have a look at it.

"People had heard about it and were really interested what was happening.

"So we had 1970's nibbles and cocktails at the open day. When the sheet was taken off to unveil it, everyone was amazed.

"It was nice for neighbours to do something together.

"It brings some happiness," added Daisy. "Everything has been so grey for everyone."

Joanne added: "It was definitely much different to what I normally do.

"I've painted a few murals before for primary schools, but I mainly do portraits and animals.

"Daisy wanted a hippie vibe. It was quite a wacky commission.

"I've already done numerous portraits of her border collies

"It's something uplifting in this day and age where people have been making the most of their gardens.

"It was nice to see how delighted Daisy was," said Joanne. "She keeps raving about it and saying that it's brought sunshine to her life.

"It's nice to have a space to reflect in a happy mood."