PETROL-HEADS from far and wide were in Bradford today, as City Park played host to a classic car show.

The Bradford Classic, an annual event, featured a range of vintage vehicles, from Ferraris and Jaguars to rally cars and American pickup trucks.

Car enthusiasts spoke of how their vehicles play a big part in their identity and allow them to express themselves - with cars being "more than just a hobby" for some.

"Cars have always been a part of me, like an extension of my character", said Latif, 47 and from Bradford, who was at The Bradford Classic with his brothers Tanvir, Khaliq and Shakeel.

"A car can be a means of expressing yourself, as long as it is all legal, of course. It's not just a hobby, it's something a little more than that - like a passion.

"I've always had nice cars myself - I once brought my friend's Mazda RX-7 FD3S to The Bradford Classic, the year after Paul Walker died. It was customised, based on Fast & Furious, as a tribute to him."

Latif added that for many, cars have sentimental value, too.

"Some people might see a car at this show and think 'my dad or my mum used to have one of those' or 'I was taken to school in a car like that'", he said.

"A love of cars is something which can be passed down from generation to generation. From a young age, I would see my dad playing around with cars - I remember those early images of him wearing overalls, and even before I was born, he had a Mk1 Capri back in the early 70s.

"My friend had a customised Ford Granada limousine, which was yellow and had a TV in it. He's not with us anymore, but being at events like this bring those happy memories back."

Latif also said that The Bradford Classic is a "very important" event for the city.

"People say that food and music brings people together, but you can add cars to that list as well", he said.

"At this event, you have people from all walks of life, all faiths and none and all nationalities."

Sid Singh, from Bradford, brought his Vauxhall Firenza, Ferrari 250 and BMW M5 to The Bradford Classic, and said that he comes to the event "every year".

"I was brought up in the car trade, I was born with spanners!", he said.

"I'm Asian, I look 'different', and if you go to car shows outside of Bradford, people can be a bit different towards you - but The Bradford Classic is a safe space for Asian people.

"It's also great for Bradford - everyone is mingling, there's no hate here, so why can't we all get along?

"It's also nice to get out and enjoy things like this, after working all week."

John Jowett-Lawton, who is 17 and from Pontefract, came to The Bradford Classic with his dad, who owns a Dodge Spacevan.

"My dad has always been a full-on petrol-head - and we're here today to show off what we have!", he said.

"This show is really good for Bradford and has brought a lot of people here, too."

One Huddersfield man, who is the owner of a classic Jaguar, also said: "There's no point keeping beautiful cars like this locked in a garage, you have to get out and let people see them.

"This event is excellent for the city, and good for the local economy", he added.