A NEW cafe created from a shipping container would be "an obtrusive feature" on a busy Bradford road - according to planning officers.

Proposals to place a shipping container in a car park of 107 Cemetery Road, and then convert the structure into a cafe, were submitted to Bradford Council in June.

The car park currently serves a discount store - although a separate application to turn that shop into a restaurant was submitted last month.

Now the container/cafe plan, submitted by Jasvinder Maharaja, has been refused by planning officers.

Officers said: "Visually, there is concern about the proposal, relating to its design.

"Notwithstanding the provision of windows in its main elevation and a front awning feature, the structure will appear as a shipping container, with a metal finish.

"There are no features or additions to it, for example cladding and as such, it bears no resemblance to the existing shop units, a concern that is magnified by its prominent position in front of the neighbouring buildings to either side.

Restaurant and shisha bar plan for Cemetery Road shop site

"The fact that a shipping container may be seen as a temporary structure is something of a red herring, insofar as a grant of planning permission would authorise the use of the container indefinitely."

Officers also questioned whether the cafe would conflict with the planned restaurant use of the same building - as this part of the site would be used for access and parking for that proposed business.

They said: "The cafe will provide two full time and two part time jobs and an income stream for the owners, which is particularly important in terms of the current pandemic.

"It will also provide a focal point and support the use of the surrounding area as one of commercial and industrial uses.

"That said, although these are important considerations, it s not considered that they are sufficient to outweigh the visual and other issues."

A decision on the restaurant application for the neighbouring business is expected next month.