A FRESH batch of artwork is being displayed on Bradford’s big screen as part of the regular Not Just Hockney exhibition.

The artist’s choice selection runs throughout September and October on the City Park screen as a way of local artists being able to showcase their work.

It was set up by Silsden art enthusiast Colin Neville and this time includes illustration, photography, printmaking, painting and textile art.

Mr Neville, who also runs a website dedicated to local artists, said: “The September and October presentations on the Big Screen again feature a range of visual artists from across the district, and from a range of genres, including textile art, painting, printmaking, photography, and illustration.

“All the Big Screen artists are featured on the Not Just Hockney website, which now includes the profiles of over 450 visual artists, past and present, with birth or long-term residency links with the Bradford district.

“New artists are added to the website each month, and this for me calls out loud and proud what a rich cultural art scene there was, and still is, in the district.

“This strong legacy of the visual arts in the district, and current lively art scene across all the creative sectors, is one the best reasons going for Bradford to become the City of Culture in 2025. So bring it on!”

The big screen exhibition was switched to an artist’s choice presentation this year, instead of the previous format of a different theme each time. This was designed to help support Bradford’s bid to become the City of Culture in 2025.

The six artists included in the exhibition for September and October are:

Morwenna Catt - textile artist and illustrator:

“I’m a textile artist and illustrator working in 2D and 3D. I hunt for vintage fabrics and discarded craft projects to incorporate into new work because I love things that have a story or are worn by years of human contact.

“I love history, folklore and things that seem a little magical or totemic. I often make art that responds to museum collections or stories handed down through generations.”

Shy Burhan - artist and photographer:

“I took the leap from commercial photographer to artist in 2015 and have not looked back ever since. Community, equality, and an endeavour to be kinder to others, myself, and our planet drives me.

“I have been fortunate to meet and work with some of the most inspirational people and I can only hope that I keep forging new connections.”

Jane Fielder - painter and printmaker:

“A great lover of life, I produce work prolifically and my subject matter and media are deliberately varied.

“I am as happy working in traditional watercolour as I am using spray polish and eggshells; as happy with a toothpick or a comb as with a paintbrush.

“I like to decide on a subject, then push it to its limits, experimenting and discovering along the way.”

Terry Greene - painter:

“I’m engaged with drawing and colour in an attempt to open up a space for a dialogue.

“My practice is one of trying to be in the moment – being present that instant when some form of dialogue begins within each work. Each new painting leads to new possibilities.”

Jean McEwan - visual artist, organiser and facilitator:

“I make things, mostly collages and ‘zines (handmade magazines), and I work with people.

“I’m the founder of the grassroots arts project ‘Wur Bradford’, which works with communities in Bradford to explore how creativity can empower and connect us.

“I think of all the things I do as collage – cutting things out, mixing things up, creating new conditions. It’s all about trying to find meaning and connection.”

Sven Shaw - illustrator:

“I am an illustrator based in Baildon specialising in illustrated cityscapes with a local flavour.

“I love detailed illustrations that absorb the viewer and provide something new every time they are looked at. Art should be a shared experience, available and accessible to everyone.”

The Not Just Hockney exhibition runs every day at 12.30pm on the big screen in Bradford's City Park.

The screen itself is run by Bradford UNESCO City of Film and provides national and local news, sports, arts, culture, entertainment and events.

An average of 500,000 pass by the screen each month and organisers want to show content that enlightens, inspires and entertains - and makes people proud to be from Bradford.

Find out more about what's on the big screen in Bradford by visiting bradford-city-of-film.com/big-screen.

For more information on Mr Neville's Not Just Hockney project, visit its dedicated website, notjusthockney.info.