A group of volunteers have been fighting for answers about the future of their local swimming pool after it closed last year, and have now turned to the local community for help.

The Friends of Bingley Pool have been desperate to find out what is happening to their local swimming facility ahead of the proposed Community Asset Transfer this month, but say they have not had a formal response from the Council since June. 

Cllr Marcus Dean, Chair friends of Bingley Pool said:” As the trustees of friends of Bingley pool we are very frustrated at the way the Council has managed the process of the Community Asset transfer.

“We have been waiting since June for the council to reveal the full report alone with the financial costs relating to getting the facility back in use.

"There is damage to the ceiling and the pool tank has deteriorated to a point where it is unusable and is in need of significant investment."

"We accept the effects of covid 19 have hampered the process, but the council has failed to ensure the facility was kept in a fit-for-purpose condition.”

The lack of communication has brought concerns to the group, who say they have begun planning for the possibility that the Council may decide to close the pool permanently. 

Cllr Geoff Winnard said: “Bradford Council seem to be unwilling to provide any information to either to local councillors or the Friends of Bingley Pool as to whether they have any plans to undertake the essential maintenance work needed to re-open Bingley’s swimming pool. 

This is not acceptable. It is essential that the Council tell the public what their plan is for the future of Bingley Pool.”

The group said on Facebook that ‘the ongoing pool closure deprives the Bingley community of an asset of enormous social, educational and community value’ and concerns have been raised for children who take part in swimming lessons as part of their school curriculum.

When the Telegraph and Argus asked Bradford Council for a comment, a spokesperson said: “The council is currently reviewing the level of repairs required and will report back to the Friends of Bingley Pool shortly.

Alternative arrangements have been made for school children to have lessons at Keighley and Shipley.” 

Frustrations were heightened after Bradford Council put in a £20 million bid to fund a new swimming pool and leisure centre on Squire Lane, Bradford in June.

Cllr Winnard said: “It says everything about Bradford’s priorities that they recently agreed funding to for a swimming pool and leisure centre at Squire Lane in Bradford.

This is just another example of Bradford Council’s lack of interest and support for Bingley.”

Cllr Winnard added that he is working with other councillors and Philip Davies MP on a campaign to ‘persuade Bradford Council to make a bid to modernise and restore Bingley Pool from the Government’s Levelling Up Fund.’

Bingley residents took to Facebook to show their frustrations.

One commented: “Bingley Pool has been a massive part of mine and my children’s lives. I just cannot seem to be able to find an alternative.” whilst another added that “We are failing a future generation of children by not providing adequate facilities in the local area.”

The group has now asked affected residents to e-mail their local councillors to put pressure on the Council for a decision.