A BRADFORD-born musician is releasing an album where he has worked remotely with other artists across the world.

David Nowakowski has put the lockdowns over the last 18 months to good use to produce his six-track covers EP called UnderCover.

Despite being based in Denver, USA during the pandemic, he has worked on the new project with Bradford singer Chantel McGregor; Leeds-based Matt Baxter, Danny Black, from Philadelphia, USA; Anna Morsett in Denver, USA; Maria Moss, Madrid, Spain and Chance McCoy, Washington DC.

Mr Nowakowski says none of the recordings were done in the same room and some with artists he has never met before.

Songs he has covered include Let's Stay Together, Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This) and The Tracks Of My Tears).

Mr Nowakowski is the keyboard player in Scars on 45, who have had their songs played on hit American programmes including The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, CSI: New York and Grey’s Anatomy.


He said: "With no live music happening, I had to go back to the drawing board with production, writing and composing within my music career.

"This included working with other artists within different genres.

"As a member of Scars we have our style/sound so this for me was a huge learning curve in 'stepping out' of my comfort zone.

"The batch of songs for this EP have been recorded over the last six to 12 months, all remotely.

"I think the cover tracks will always have that special memory when listening back because of the process they were done and the time everyone was in.

"Pretty much half of the artists I've worked with on this EP and other projects I haven't met. But I love the way in which you can literally create no matter the situation and location.

"The pandemic has made me create with artists, directors, writers so much more.

"Everyone is different which I love and I've been thrown many challenges which has tested me a lot. The overall period has been a learning process for me in which I'm loving."

Mr Nowakowski says he worked closely with the artists to choose the songs for this first EP.


He added: "This is going to be part one of three or four cover EPs coming up. These tracks have been in the catalogue across the last year.

"I've always said to other artists who I've co-wrote with that apart from an original track we should also record a cover.

"We worked together in choosing these tracks. I love hearing cover tracks re-worked in a different way by artists and it also gives you a lot of production freedom to make something standout."

He added he is looking forward to returning to Bradford when travel restrictions allow him to.

He said: "Bradford will always be home with family still there in the city and of course catching a City game with a proper pint and curry is very overdue."

The EP will be released on September 6 and available on all streaming services.