Good Morning Britain’s Kate Garraway has issued a Long Covid warning to ITV viewers while issuing an update on her husband’s battle with the virus.

Former I’m A Celebrity… camp mate, Kate, appeared alongside Dr Hilary Jones on Thursday morning’s instalment of the show.

Kate’s husband, Derek Draper fell ill in March 2020 after contracting coronavirus and required a long recovery in intensive care, during which he was placed in a coma.

After more than a year in hospital, the 53-year-old was considered well enough to return to his North London home in April.

Despite returning home being good news, Kate revealed the reality of what Derek is having to cope with while urging viewers not to mistake Covid for something like the flu.

“We’re now in a situation where most people are likely at some point to catch Covid, because we can’t prevent people catching it,” Kate said.

She continued: “I think people who have had it mildly are starting to argue that it’s the same as flu, because flu can be devastating to people as well, true flu.

“But this is very different because flu doesn’t give you this degree of organ damage.

“Even when you look at some of the symptoms that people who have been double vaccinated suffer from, it’s fatigue.”

Kate Garraway provides update on husband Derek Draper

Kate then went on to describe the situation he husband is currently in to stress her point.

She said: “Now fatigue, I used to think was just being exhausted by getting up in the morning but the fatigue that Derek has, I know he’s an extreme case because he’s got multiple organ challenges but even some with more milder cases.

“Derek is sleeping 20 out of 24 hours a day, he has 10 minute windows and it’s not just feeling a bit tired, he goes white, pale, and everything sort of shuts down.”

Urging viewers to get vaccinated, she added: “So you don’t want that kind of fatigue even ruling out all of the other things people are suffering with as well.

“The idea that you can prevent that and just have a bad week in bed is just life-changing”

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