A housing association in Bradford has signed up to take part in a national week to tackle racism and encourage inclusion in the workplace.
Manningham Housing Association (MHA) will be taking part in National Inclusion Week to bring people together and promote inclusion in work environments.
Barrington Billings, MHA Chair, said:“ It is essential that Manningham Housing Association plays a lead role in National Inclusion Week.
“Tackling racism will be an area of particular focus throughout the seven days including the launch of an anti-racism toolkit. I look forward to learning more about this and discussing lessons learned with colleagues and MHA’s external partners.”        
MHA will be partnering with the Housing Diversity Network (HDN), a social enterprise that aims to inspire and empower people and promote equality, diversity, and opportunity for all. 

Both organisations are based at Bank House in Bradford which will be decorated with banners and flags as MHA and HDN staff participate in an array of activities throughout the week.
Rupert Moyne, Managing Director – Corporate Services, Inclusive Employers, said: “I’m delighted that Manningham Housing Association is taking part in National Inclusion Week 2021. 
“The last year has really brought the need for inclusion into sharp focus. Many of us have spent the past twelve months working remotely and I, therefore, hope that ‘United For Inclusion,’ the 2021 theme of National Inclusion Week, brings us closer to our colleagues and other organisations as we together celebrate, share, and inspire inclusion practices.

Team members will also be invited to dress traditionally and share national and international dishes each day for lunch. 
Last year more than 2,000 organisations signed up for National Inclusion Week with events including webinars and daily challenges estimated to have connected around 16 million people.
The initiative will run from Monday 27 September until Sunday 3 October .