IT seems even the other Rolling Stones didn't know about Charlie Watts' 'secret wedding' at Bradford Register Office in 1964.

Following the sad news that the Stones drummer has died, we're looking back at when the mighty band came to Bradford and Leeds.

Charlie married his wife, Shirley, in Bradford with two friends from the city as witnesses. After a two-day honeymoon, Charlie joined the Stones on tour.

Also in 1964, Brian Jones fell victim to 'Stonemania' when he was chased by a "screaming mob of teenage girls" up Wakefield Road, following the band's concert at St George's Hall in May of that year. The T&A reported that Brian was rescued from the "seething crowd" by police after having his shirt ripped off by excited fans, and escorted to Victoria Hotel where the other band members had dashed after the concert.

Pictured above are fans having a cuppa as they queue for tickets for the Stones at the Gaumont, where they appeared for a second time on October, 1965. Were you there?

In March 1971 the Stones played at Leeds University Student Union refectory. And in July 1982 they played a huge outdoor concert at the city's Roundhay Park.

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