SIR - On the T&A letters page D Ratcliffe has again shown a naïve misunderstanding of economics, saying the half a million pounds a week is too much for a Premier League footballer and should be given to the NHS.

Which club would not pay their biggest star a week's wage so they could give the NHS enough money to run one hospital for two days? Some footballers get paid a lot but the NHS requirement is on a different scale.

He described Bradford City players as pampered and overpaid. Not only do they not get paid anything like PL footballers but if they're being pampered, I don't want to be. Imagine having to train on freezing January mornings wearing shorts. And when you do play thousands of fans shouting: "You're a liability!" while the manager and bench staff berate you through the game.

You have to travel away all the time and recently have had to operate in Covid-19 bubbles.

Then after 18 years of being scrutinised by the media and sometimes suffering life changing injuries you get told you're too old at 35.

Then with a few exceptions, for the rest of your life, you have nothing to look forward to except obscurity, depression and dementia. No thanks.

Alan Bates, Bowland Avenue, Baildon