THE names of two young Bradford men killed in the Korean conflict are to be added to the city's war memorial.

The soldiers will be remembered at a ceremony this autumn, and organisers are trying to find their families so they can attend.

Malcolm Atkinson has been working with the Korean Veterans Association on commemorating Fusiliers Lawrence Walker and JW Cannon, who both died in action in 1951. Mr Atkinson saw their names in a 2015 T&A appeal for information about local men killed in the Korean War.

He got in touch with a man who was trying to get the name of his cousin, Corporal David F Kenehan, on Bradford's memorial. Cpl Kenehan died in Korea in 1953, aged 19. "It got my attention because my wife and I had managed to get her brother's name on Bradford's memorial. He died in Egypt on National Service in the 1950s," said Mr Atkinson. "The wall, near the Cenotaph, bears the names of those killed in action after 1949. It must be proved that they were born in Bradford.

"I got in touch with Joanne Dodds, Bradford Council's Armed Forces Champion, and through research we discovered that David Kenehan was born in Thornbury and went to St Mary's School. His regiment records include his date of death and where he is buried."

Cpl Kenehan's name was added to the Bradford memorial earlier this year. His family has been invited to a service and wreath-laying ceremony in October, to be attended by the Lord Mayor of Bradford.

Now Mr Atkinson is trying to find the families of Fusiliers Lawrence Walker and JW Cannon, whose names will be added to the memorial in September. "Fus Cannon was killed on January 3, 1951 and Fus Walker on April 25, 1951. Like Cpl Kenehan, they were on National Service," said Mr Atkinson. "Kenehan was in the Duke of Wellington’s Regiment and Walker and Cannon were in the Northumberland Fusiliers, but they were all in the same area of Korea when they died. Kenehan was awarded the Elizabeth Cross, which we hope will be worn by a member of his family at the service. If either Cannon or Walker was given this medal, and their families don't have it, we can help with the process of trying to get it."

The Korean War lasted from 1950 until a ceasefire in 1953. Many British servicemen in the conflict were on National Service, barely out of school."It was the forgotten war," said Mr Atkinson. "These men deserve to be commemorated along with others who died in action.

"I hope the families of these three fallen Bradford men will attend the ceremony "

The service and wreath-laying will take place on Sunday, October 24 at 2pm. Afterwards the Lord Mayor, Cllr Shabir Hussain, will welcome the congregation to a reception in City Hall.

* Anyone with information about Fusiliers Lawrence Walker and FW Cannon is asked to contact Malcolm Atkinson on 0777 3102355 or (01274) 501976.