'MUSIC saved my life,' we hear it all the time from artists recalling their back stories. However, for this DJ from Clayton this really is the case as she now aims to defy stereotypes and tackle the UK music scene with her first single in half a decade.

Growing up in Heaton, Maya Krishan found school difficult, suffering bullying as she didn't feel like she fitted in. Doing music, something Maya has been interested in since she was bought a keyboard at two years old, provided a much-needed escape. "It made me feel like I could get through any battle in the world," she said.

After writing songs and recording demos in her bedroom, she attended a local studio at 16, adding: "the male dominated environment didn't stop me, that’s where I get my really thick skin from.” Maya's passion allowed her to keep off the streets and away from bad crowds.

After studying a BTEC diploma in music at college, a first artist management deal and a apprenticeship at a local music firm followed before her big break of signing an American record deal with 'Missing' DJ Todd Terry happened.

The sky seemed to be the limit for the upcoming artist, that is until she was fraught with severe mental health issues and suicidal thoughts in her mid-twenties.

Maya said: "I went into the deepest darkest breakdown you could ever imagine for over five years of my life, unable to do music due to such a debilitating illness that had exploded inside of me. It was like all the life was being sucked out of me in one go and I got to the point where I wanted to end my life.”

Thankfully, with help from the NHS, the former youth worker was able to get back on her feet and get back doing what she does best. Last August, Maya, going by the name 'MXY', signed her first distribution deal.

The 29-year-old has been receiving mentoring by fellow artist Sinead Campbell at the Bradford Producing Hub.

MXY added: “In the time we have worked together, I've re-gained a lot of that lost confidence for the music. I talk about issues that women in the music industry face and how to tackle these. In Bradford, there is a stereotypical view of Asian Women. I am an Asian woman who is pioneering the UK music scene because there is nobody else that is doing what I am doing.

“My new single portrays the journey I've been on to get to where I am today. I want it to be the force of inspiration for generations of young people and to be heard all over the world."

'Mind, Body & Soul', which has already got over 10k streams on Instagram, is out on August 15 and available to pre order on all platforms on August 6.