A young singer and songwriter from Bradford is set to release her first single tomorrow, which she wrote and recorded during lockdown.

Sienna Craven, 15 from Apperley Bridge, Bradford has been singing since she was a toddler, but turned to music even more, to help tackle the feelings of isolation and to uplift her spirits during the pandemic.

Her single, ‘Better in the End’ is set to be released on 29th July and will be available for download on all mainstream music channels, including Spotify.

Sienna said; “I know the power of music is an amazing way of expressing who you are and how you feel. Like many others, during the pandemic, I was feeling a bit rubbish with having to stay at home and homeschooling, not seeing my friends and family… I was grateful that I had music and singing as my outlet and this has always made me happy.”

She added: “One day, I started to write down some words that had been running through my mind – ‘better in the end’ – as I picked up my pencil, I started to write a song… I kept thinking about all the people suffering, struggling, and having challenging times; I wanted to write something meaningful to remind us all that not everything lasts forever and things do get better.” 

Sienna has already written over 10 songs but tends to only share them with family and friends. 

She hopes that by making this ‘brave move’ she ‘will encourage more people who may be a bit more introverted and shy, like I am, to share their talents and creativity more.’

Danny Yates the Founder of City Sound Studios and Sienna’s vocal coach said: “ Sienna has such an amazing voice, especially for her young age. She writes such heart-felt songs and sings them in a way that connects with you and will connect with other people. Sienna has the potential to be a successful artist and has an exciting journey ahead of her.”