YORKSHIRE couples have been named as having some of the cringiest weddings in the country – with awkward speeches and bad dancing the worst offenders.

A survey has revealed that soon-to-be-wed couples in the county may want to rethink their plans for the big day if they include choreographed first dances or risqué speeches.

The research, by Top10casinos.com, was carried out to mark the removal of restrictions on weddings to find the cringiest wedding moments, with couples in Yorkshire revealed as among the worst offenders.

It also revealed people’s true thoughts about weddings, including how many people don’t actually care about going to them, judgement of dresses, and the couple bragging about the cost of their big day.

The survey found 91 per cent of best men get “extremely stressed” about their speech, with the pressure of being funny and entertaining the biggest fear for best men in Yorkshire.

It also found that 40 per cent of best men’s jokes fell flat with no laughs at all – making for a very awkward scene.

Almost three quarters of guests said they’ve witnessed an inappropriate speech, while over half think being mean to the bride is ok, 60 per cent think mentioning the groom’s ex is ok, and two thirds think mother-in-law jokes are fine in a best man speech.

It also found that 28 per cent of grooms have fallen out with their best man due to the content of their speech, while 18 per cent of newlyweds have got into an argument on the big day because of speeches.

The research also found that two thirds of young people – 18-24 year olds – don’t enjoy going to weddings, but 87 per cent of pensioners do enjoy them.

More than half of people admitted they don’t like the bride’s dress, while 72 per cent said they have criticised the bridesmaids’ appearance.

The cringiest moments witnesses at weddings were: terrible, tone deaf speeches; seeing embarrassing ‘dad dancing’; an awkward first dance, the bride or groom getting too drunk; or the newlyweds’ families bragging about the cost of the wedding.