A young man who sped away from the police and jumped four sets of red lights before crashing into a house wall has been sentenced to a community order.

Recorder David Kelly said it was a mystery why Waqar Hussain accelerated off when he was insured and had permission from his father to drive his black Audi A3.

Hussain, 20, of North Park Road, Manningham, Bradford, pleaded guilty to dangerous driving at 3pm on Sunday, June 28, last year.

Prosecutor Ken Green told Bradford Crown Court that police officers saw Hussain do an unnecessary overtake on Lumb Lane and simply wanted to speak to him about it.

But when they activated their blue lights and sirens, he sped off along Drewton Road, jumping a red light onto Manningham Lane.

During the two-minute pursuit over two miles, the Audi forced oncoming traffic to swerve, braked sharply and slid round a corner and did 90mph down Midland Road.

The chase, which included Oak Lane, St Mary’s Road and New Park Road, ended when Hussain crashed into a garden wall on Park View Road, Mr Green said.

He was the sole occupant of the Audi and was dazed but uninjured.

He told the police he was “gapping” them to keep his distance from the patrol car.

Hussain’s barrister, Rebecca Young, said he was genuinely remorseful and fully aware that it was good luck that no one was injured.

He had no previous convictions and he came from a very respectable family, none of whom had ever been in trouble with the police.

Hussain was devastated to have brought shame on them but they knew the offence was wholly out of character and were in court to support him.

He had been working as a courier that day and was on his way home when the police ordered him to stop.

He was unable to explain why he accelerated away when he was driving legally.

“It was just a complete moment of madness,” Miss Young said.

Hussain had paid for the house wall to be repaired and, after losing his job, he had been doing voluntary work in the community.

Recorder Kelly said Hussain was of positive good character and a valued member of his community and his family.

“It’s entirely mysterious as to why you behaved as you did,” he said.

All the police wanted to do was to speak to him about his driving.

Hussain was sentenced to a 12 month community order with 120 hours of unpaid work and a three month curfew order.

He was banned from driving for 12 months and until he passes an extended retest.