THIS week’s easing of restrictions has freed up some overseas travel destinations.

With more people planning to jet away this summer, and Leeds Bradford Airport getting busy once again, we’re taking a look back at the place many folk still affectionately call ‘Yeadon Airport’.

Above: Tickets, money, passport...

Dressed smartly - one couple even have their hats on - passengers queue to check in at Yeadon Airport. If they’re jetting off to sunnier climes, they might not be needing those hats and coats at the other end.

See other images above:

* An aerial view of the site as it once looked, by CH Wood.

* Concorde pictured in May 1988 on one of its many memorable appearances at Leeds Bradford Airport. The supersonic passenger aircraft first landed at the airport in August 1986, watched by around 70,000 people. It made many flights there over the years.

* Airport lounge at St George's Hall in Bradford. If you were setting off from Yeadon in 1964 you may have checked in at the Bradford concert hall.

The historic venue was used as an airport lounge in the early days of package holidays. Passengers checked in and relaxed before taking a coach to the airport.

* Thanks to regular T&A contributor Vincent Finn for this photo of the first passengers off a Boeing 747 at Leeds Bradford Airport back in 1984.

* The airport as it looked in the early 1950s. It opened in 1931, used mostly for general aviation and training, and the first scheduled flights were in 1935.

In the Second World War aircraft makers Avro had a factory at the aerodrome. Civil flights took off again in 1947.