BRADFORD can look forward to a break in the heatwave weekend as temperatures fall.

Here is a guide to this weekend’s weather in Bradford, starting with today, according to the Met Office, as people may welcome a break from this week’s sweltering temperatures with a largely cloudy picture ahead.


After a cloudy morning, the sunshine will burst through from 2pm for a warm and sunny afternoon and evening, as temperatures reach a maximum of 22C today.

It is set to be a warm night for sleeping again, with a low of 16C by 11pm.


It will be a warm and dry Saturday, with the cloud not shifting all day as temperatures reaching a high of 21C from noon. The mercury again only falls to 16C by 11pm.


It will follow a similar picture to Saturday with a dull, cloudy day, with temperatures set to reach 22C.

But the sun will soon burst through as the afternoon arrives.

No weather warnings are in place for Bradford this weekend, according to the Met Office.