A FORMER police officer has been dismissed after a misconduct hearing found he had posted an explicit photo on a 'swingers' website, and also had an intimate relationship with a vulnerable domestic abuse victim.

The gross misconduct hearing of former PC Andrew Bell took place on July 19, where it was alleged he’d breached the police’s behaviour standards in relation to discreditable conduct, orders and instructions, and authority, respect and courtesy.

The panel heard that on or before June 29 last year, Bell had uploaded photos onto a website named Fab Swingers, and the photos depicted his naked torso and genitals, and a second showed him in police uniform with a warrant card.

In unrelated matter, on May 28 last year, Bell had attended an address following a report a person had been subject of a controlling and coercive relationship, and he subsequently engaged in an intimate personal relationship with the individual.

He was found to have breached standards related to discreditable conduct and authority, respect and courtesy, amounting to gross misconduct, and he would have been dismissed without notice.

West Yorkshire Police's solicitor Mike Percival said that Bell was " ashamed, embarrassed and disgusted by his behaviour".