PEOPLE from Bradford could use their car to boost their income each week – and here’s how.

By performing odd jobs in your car for less than 12 hours a week, drivers can boost their income for up to £2,761 - ideal for helping you save for a summer staycation or last minute green-list trip abroad. MotorEasy has uncovered 7 easy ways drivers can boost their income every single month.

1. Turn your car into a moving billboard to earn up to £150 a month - By signing up for services like Adverttu, you can advertise brands on your car with vinyl stickers. Earning will vary according to your car, the type of advert and where you drive/park.

2. Rent out your driveway to earn £79 a month - You can utilise your driveway if you don’t use it to earn on average £79 a month with companies like Your Parking Space. If you live in London, you could make a whopping £216 a month. If you own an electric vehicle you can also rent out your charger to earn over £300 a month.

3. Rent your car out to earn £590 a month - A new age of working from home means not everyone needs access to their car during working hours. If you’re not always driving your car, you could rent it out and earn on average £590 per month through companies like Hiyacar.

4. Deliver flyers to earn £340 - Using your car to deliver flyers can be a quick and easy way to boost your income. Just 12 hours a week could earn you £340 with DOR-2DOR.

5. Make up to £627 delivering packages - Similarly, delivering packages in your own car is easy and flexible to suit your schedule. You can also earn on average £627 a month for 12 hours of work.

6. Help people move to make £630 a month - If you're happy doing a little heavy lifting, helping people move could earn you on average £630 per month for 12 hours work a week.

7. Sell at a car boot sale to earn £345 a year - Utilise your car and clear out your house by having a car boot sale a few times a year. It’ll help you declutter and bring some money in.