THREE Bradford schools will be closed today due to the observance of Eid and others shut due to Covid-19. 

Byron Primary School will be shut today due to the large number of staff celebrating Eid and concerns over health and safety following a risk assessment. This was in addition to the planned closure for Eid yesterday.

Lapage Primary School and Nursery will be closed today as it is unable to staff safely during observance of Eid and following local public health recommendations. It will be open as usual on Thursday and Friday.

Lister Primary School is closed beacause of a staff shortage due to Eid observance and staff isolating due to Covid-19.

Oldfield Primary School has been closed all week due to Covid-19.

Farfield Primary and Nursery School will be closed for the summer break due to a spike in positive COVID-19 cases,

The nursery at Cottingley Village Primary School is moving to remote learning all week to support the capacity of keeping the school open due to the number of staff who are having to isolate.